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THE AMERICAN ROSE SOCIETY Founded in 1892, the American Rose Society is an educational, nonprofit organization dedicated exclusively to the cultivation and enjoyment of roses. The American Rose Society is a national organization with over 24,000 members dedicated to the enjoyment, enhancement and promotion of America's Floral Emblem. Almost 400 local chapters and affiliates throughout the country offer rose-related activities and information. Many of the members of these societies have been designated as Consulting Rosarians, and have agreed to assist other rose growers with their rose problems and questions

PACIFIC NORTHWEST DISTRICT The American Rose Society is divided into 18 geographical districts. The Seattle Rose Society belongs to the Pacific Northwest District. Our District covers the states of Alaska, Washington, Oregon, parts of Idaho and Montana, and the province of British Columbia, and has 31 active societies. The District serves as a link between the American Rose Society and the local societies. We conduct judging schools, Consulting Rosarian schools, maintain a speakers bureau, hold an annual convention, and an annual Consulting Rosarian meeting.

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LOCAL ROSE SOCIETIES The Seattle Rose Society is proud of our 30 sister rose societies located in the Pacific Northwest District. There is a rose society in most major cities in our District. Please check the Local Rose Societies page to see if there is a society near you. We have provided the name, phone number and, where possible, the e-mail address of the president of each society. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, or are interested in joining the society nearest you.

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