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Types of Roses

Hybrid Teas These roses form long, narrow buds on straight stems. They are repeat bloomers and encompass a large range of colors.

Grandifloras This group of roses is a cross between the Hybrid Tea rose and the Floribunda Rose. Their flowers are borne on long stems in small clusters and the plants may grow between 3’ and 6’ tall.

Floribundas Floribunda roses combine the best aspects of their parent plants: the Hybrid Tea rose and Polyantha rose. They receive their flower form and foliage from the Hybrid Tea while taking after the Polyantha in increased hardiness and exuberance of blooms.

Climbing roses Climbing roses vary greatly in their size. They generally have a heavy spring bloom followed by scattered blooms throughout the season. Large flowered climbing roses differ from Ramblers in that they have fewer, yet larger blooms (4-6 inches in size) and are not quite as vigorous growers.

Miniature roses These roses form a cute little twiggy bush which is usually under 18’’ tall. The flowers are usually very pretty and the plant will bloom in all seasons. These are great roses for containers.

Shrub roses Shrub roses encompass a wide range of rose types. Many Shrub Roses are good for screens, hedges, and mass planting. Virtually all shrub rose bushes are repeat blooming.

David Austin roses English Roses, often called David Austin Roses, were introduced by the English rose hybridizer David Austin. David Austin™ Roses are bred by crossing old garden roses with more modern roses to achieve the superb fragrance, delicacy and charm of the old-style blooms combined with the repeat flowering characteristics and wide color range of modern roses.

Old garden roses (OGRs) Old Garden roses are the predecessors of today’s roses. They are a diverse group. Old Garden Roses comprise a multifaceted group that in general are easy to grow, disease-resistant and winter-hardy with most providing fragrance for the garden and home.

ARS Ratings

The American Rose Society collects information such as disease resistance, growing habits, and fragrance on individual roses. The information comes from various sources, including test gardens and Consulting Rosarians. The ARS then uses that information to create a rating for each rose. Ratings are based on a scale of 1 to 10; 9.9 - 9.0 Outstanding: 8.9-8.0 Excellent; 7.9 - 7.0 Good.

Seattle Rose Society
Recommended Puget Sound Performers Rose List

The Seattle Rose Society members have provided input to create a list of roses that do well in the Puget Sound area. All are good garden varieties, and many are of exhibition quality. Follow this link to the list.


                                                 RECOMMENDED ROSE LIST

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