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Puget Sound Rose Performers
Roses recommended by the members of the Seattle Rose Society. These roses do well in the Puget Sound area. All are good garden varieties, and many are of exhibition quality.

Cutting Roses
Simple directions to make your cut roses last.

Fertilizing Roses
Feed your roses and watch 'em pop!

Insect & Disease Control
Some attention to pest control can keep your roses clean and healthy.

Buying and Planting Roses
Insights on choosing good roses and getting them in the ground right.

A simple guide to the annual chore.

A Year in the Rose Garden
A month-by-month guide to rose care.

Hybrid Tea Rina Hugo

Hybrid Tea Gold Medal

Hybrid Tea Bride

For more articles from past newsletters, visit the Rose Petals Archives, the website created by our newsletter editor, Don Julien.

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