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January                                                               July
21st     SRS Member Meeting - 7pm                                                     No Meetings
28nd    SRS Board Meeting

February                                                             August
15-16th   Molbak's Nursery  - 11am-4pm                                                       No Member Meeting
18th         SRS Member Meeting - 7pm                                                16th    SRS Rose Show - Molbak's
5-9th        Booth 2306 at NW Flower & Garden Show                                    HBG Ice Cream Social 12-3 pm
25th         SRS Board Meeting                                                               26th    SRS Board Meeting                                                

March                                                                  September
      Pruning Demos:                                                                                      16th    SRS Member Meeting - 7pm
      1st     Woodland Park Rose Garden - 12-3pm                               23th    SRS Board Meeting
      8th      Highline SeaTac Botanical Garden - 10am-2pm              
            18th    SRS Member Meeting - 7pm                            
            25th    SRS Board Meeting                                                           October
                                                                                                                            SRS Annual Banquet
                                                                                28nd   SRS Board Meeting
15th    SRS Member Meeting - 7pm                                                  November     
22rd    SRS Board Meeting                                                                      18th    SRS Member Meeting - 7pm
                                                                                  25th   SRS Board Meeting
20th    SRS Member Meeting - 7pm                                                   December
27th    SRS Board Meeting                                                                       No Meetings

17th         SRS Member Meeting - 7pm                                                     
21-22nd   Annual Rose Show, Factoria Mall                            
24th         SRS Board Meeting